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Pro Staff and Affiliate Program


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Here at Invasive Lures we are always looking to expand our network of anglers and industry partners. 

We do offer an affiliate program for those of you who are interested in partnering with our brand and increasing the awareness of our products.

However, while other companies may offer a one size fits all affiliate marketing program and a few professional only pro staff positions, we want to offer something different. 

The term "Pro Staff" is often misinterpreted as professional staff, however, the term is really just short for promotional staff.  With that in mind, we are looking to partner with people who have an appreciation for our products and who want to promote them. 

People from all walks of life, not just the latest tournament winners.  

What we offer:
-3 Affiliate Tiers
-The opportunity for anglers to grow their network
-Discounts for pro staff members
-Personalized referral codes for customer discounts
-Referral commission
-Social media cross promotion
-Special offers and events
-Discord server with Pro Staff channels

What we are looking for:
-Avid anglers who post social media content
-Fishing club members
-Product Reviewers
-Guide services
-How To and other video content creators
-Experienced anglers for product feedback and testing
-High school teams
-Enthusiastic people who love fishing and the outdoors

While we would love to include everyone in our affiliate program, that just wouldn't be feasible. 

In order to find out more about who we may potentially be working with, please use the format below to e-mail us and tell us why you would be a great fit for our team.

Please send us your:

Electronic Press Kit (If Applicable)
Your Social Media Pages (links/handles):
Accolades/ Industry Resume:
Target species:
Fishing experience:
Have you used our products before?
If so, which ones?
How did you hear about us?
Why would you like to partner with us?
Tell us about you and how you can help promote our products.

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